Mike Slinn’s Computers

Mavericks Hackintosh

I used the TonyMacX86 setup guides to install OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) on my custom-built digital audio workstation. Windows is installed on a 1TB drive, and 2 more 1TB drives are formatted NTFS. I installed another 2TB drive just for Mavericks.

The TonyMacX86 community support was awesome. The forums show posts in reverse order, which seems backwards to me, but then I also find the default scrolling direction introduced with Mac Lion to be backwards.

I tried to upgrade a Snow Leopard virtual Hackintosh running in VMware Workstation to Mavericks by upgrading from the Apple App Store, and that failed, however that VM was able to build the SSD image for the DAW installation using UniBeast without any problem.

One of parts that gave me the most trouble was getting a copy of Mavericks installed on a suitable SSD stick. In the end I used an old 8GB SSD stick. My fancy high-performance SSD sticks were unsuitable for this purpose.